Strategy for Aboriginal managed lands in South Australia

The Aboriginal Lands Trust has provided land management advice, advocacy, capacity building and financial support to Aboriginal Communities since its inception in 1966. The organisation has remained supportive of Community Councils with long term views of self-determination.

The Trust holds title to 65 properties comprising well over 500,000 hectares of land. The core functions of the Trust are to hold, manage and administer land. The Trust has met these responsibilities by organising the leasing of land to Communities and managing natural resource management programs to improve conditions on the land. The Trust has maintained a land management team for over 20 years gaining awards and recognition for their collaborative work with Communities.

A comprehensive Study was undertaken in February 2000, namely, the Strategy for Aboriginal Managed Lands in South Australia (SAMLISA) and is still relevant today. This study outlined the vision and priorities for sustainable resource management on Aboriginal managed land including:

  • Relationships between people and land/water restored
  • Healthy waters and lands
  • Past damage to land and waters rehabilitated
  • Cultural attachment respected and kept strong
  • Healthy communities with strong economies
  • Strong beneficial relationships with non-Aboriginal people and governments
  • Adequate resources for effective on-going management
  • Security and opportunity for our grandchildren and their grandchildren

Funding to support these programs has been secured from a wide range of sources including the South Australian State Government through PIRSA, the Commonwealth through Caring for our Country, Prime Minister & Cabinet and, Regional Development Australia. Ongoing partnerships will continue to achieve strong outcomes for Aboriginal people engaging in land management. The Trust has a Planning and Lease policy which provides a framework under which the Trust will deal with Trust Lands consistent with the Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 2013.