Trust Board

The South Australian Board consists of 8 members appointed by the Governor. These members, nominated by the Minister on the recommendation of a selection panel, being Aboriginal persons who collectively have knowledge, skills and experience in the following areas: South Australian Aboriginal community life and culture generally; residential community life and culture on Trust Land; the management and conservation of natural resources; the management of agricultural and pastoral land; commercial enterprise development; property management and development; ecologically sustainable development; corporate governance and administration. Section 12(1) of the Act.

  • Haydyn Bromley (Presiding Member)
  • Karen Sinclair (Deputy Presiding Member)
  • Ian Johnson
  • Edward Newchurch
  • Irene McKenzie
  • Jennifer Johncock
  • Elijah Bravington
  • Denise Wilton

From time to time vacancies exist for new members to be appointed to the Board. After a public call for nominations, and recommendations from a selection panel, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation nominates new or continuing members to the Governor.

Terms of appointment for the majority of Board members are until 17 July 2020.