Community Workshop 2017

In response to the request for the Aboriginal Lands Trust (“the Trust”) Community groups to come together as one to explore and discuss issues of concern to South Australian Aboriginal People, the Trust held a Community Workshop in Port Augusta on 5 & 6 October 2017.

The purpose of the workshop was to explore how the Trust continues to engage with the South Australian Aboriginal Communities who have a leasing relationship with the Aboriginal Lands Trust.

The workshop also addressed how the Communities and key stakeholder agency groups could assist the Trust and Communities to provide a more culturally safe and prosperous Community.

As part of the workshop the Trust addressed the following objectives:

  • Trust Planning & Leasing Policy
  • Economic Framework
  • Housing
  • Maintenance
  • Regional Authority
  • Future of Commonwealth and State Aboriginal Community Resources
  • Community Issues

The workshop was well attended with all Communities represented and many key stakeholders and government agencies also in attendance.  Participants contributed in a frank and honest manner to the discussions and the stakeholders came away with a greater understanding of Community needs and concerns.

A Community Workshop Report was generated and included the burning questions and comments, issues and concerns that arose from the discussions.  A copy of that report can be obtained by clicking here

The Workshop was a resounding success and it was determined that it would be held on a regular basis.  The workshops will allow the Trust an opportunity to come together with Communities which is beneficial for all concerned.